🚀 We’re Excited to Announce Our Latest Investment! 🌟

Privilège Student Ventures is proud to introduce our newest venture investment into the future of education and technology: Develop-Players.

As part of our first cohort, this web-based platform is pioneering the way forward with applied games designed to support students aged 7-18 with Specific Learning Disorders (SLDs).

Why Develop Players?

➡️ Innovative Approach: With games like Proffilo and Eye Riders, users are not just learning; they’re playing. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, each game adapts to individual learning needs.

➡️ Experienced Team: Led by Luca Formica and a diverse team of experts, their professionalism and knowledge in the Edtech domain will be instrumental in the success of the startup.

➡️ Market Ready: Initial success, B2B engagement, and current market outlook show significant demand for their products.

➡️ Future Vision: Beyond the current offerings, Develop Players aims to create a universe of games addressing a broad spectrum of executive functions and skills. Along with their promising progress in the US, the company is primed for growth.

The unique position of Develop Players, especially in the European market, underscores our belief in their potential to revolutionize learning for students with SLDs and the immense opportunity for impact in a largely underserved market.

Stay tuned for this journey of innovation, growth, and success. Here’s to building a brighter future with Develop Players! 💡🚀